Membership of the Central Texas Storytelling Guild includes not only storytellers—who tell by vocation and avocation—but also authors and musicians. To discover what some of us are up to, click on a name to visit a member’s website or click on the envelope to correspond.  

This site provides a listing of all CTSG members available to perform, give presentations, or lead workshops relating to the oral tradition.

Peggy Grose Love and Lemon Pie
Karen Hodges

Storyteller for all ages

Donna Ingham

National award-winning Texas tale teller

Scott Killen

Texas fact, fiction and folklore thru prose and poetry

Kim Lehman


Doc Moore

The Old Texan

Bernadette Nason

Award-winning, awfully theatrical, terribly British teller of multi-cultural tales.

Sheila Starks Phillips  The Lies of Texas are Upon You!
Tim Tingle

Choctaw Storyteller