A Turkish proverb says,

"To speak is to sow; to listen is to reap."

The Central Texas Storytelling Guild is a community of both speakers and listeners… a gathering place for those who love to tell stories and those who love to hear them.

The ancient art of storytelling plays a vital role in our modern world. Stories not only entertain… they educate, motivate, heal and inspire. Through myths, legends, folktales and personal stories, we bring people together in recognition of our common humanity. Stories sustain our cultures, our communities and our families.

The Central Texas Storytelling Guild supports storytellers and storytelling in the greater Austin area. Every month at CTSG story swaps, workshops and discussion groups, storytellers deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills in a friendly and supportive environment. The guild works with community groups, businesses, educators and others throughout the year to create venues for storytelling and opportunities for tellers.

The Central Texas Storytelling Guild is affiliated with the Tejas Storytelling Association, the regional storytelling organization for the south central United States. TSA produces the nationally renowned Texas Storytelling Festival every spring.

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